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We present a very simple and convenient program "Wallpapers and Backgrounds" to set and ...

We present a very simple and convenient program "Wallpapers and Backgrounds" to set and view the wallpaper on mobile devices, including tablets. It has all the necessary features for quick and easy installation of wallpapers and pictures on your phone. The application includes a very comfortable scrolling images, and you can use the horizontal and vertical mode. The application will automatically calculate how much wallpaper to show in a variety of sizes and positions of the screen.

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The application has a simple interface and very easy to use. Here implemented two-level filter, which is very useful when searching for the desired category. All images, tags and ratings are downloaded from a remote server, so the application takes up very little space on the device. The application little use of network traffic. To do this, we divided all the pictures on a few sizes, from the smallest to the original.

When you run the application determines the size of the screen of your device and from these data displays images corresponding sizes. Total realized 4 image resolution :

  • 1440X1280 (XHDPI).
  • 960X800 (HDPI).
  • 640X480 (MDPI).
  • 480X320 (LDPI).

This feature allows you to save Internet traffic and speeds up the loading of images.

In addition, the image is shown in a compressed form as long as you don't load it on your phone. When you zoom the image quality is improving, but the best quality you can see when you load the pictures on the phone.

Features of the app :

 – Small application size (less than 1MB ).

 – Saving the traffic.

 – Frequently updated database of pictures and tags ( 4-5 times a week).

 – Rankings pictures (view the most popular ).

 – Two -level filter (search by category).

 – Quick search categories.

 – View the tags attached to each picture.

 – Simple and intuitive interface.

 – Sharing.

 – Set wallpaper and downloading pictures on your phone.

 – Multi-language.

 – Installation wallpapers through the gallery.

 – The ability to view image in vertically and horizontal position of the device.

 – Download images from multiple servers in different countries.

We will be glad if you write us with your suggestions or comments.

Thank you!


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